Search your vessel

When you trying to find a suitable vessel, either private or commercial, you have to take lots of items into consideration. It's not clever and practical to go continiously on the Internet to see fabulous ships with awsome photo's to show you 'ripe and unripe' altogether. Lots of ships can be found on numerous different websites with different specifications and different prices.

To prevent timewaisting we create a questionnaire with all relevant items. Related to your answers, preferences and ticked boxes you are able to narrow your search and select accordingly.

Please keep this in mind:

-  Your full 100% requirements will never exist.

-  Search and deciding as one person is easier than as a couple (or more)

-  The 'knock out' approach gives you the best results in creating your shortlist.

-  A very special bargain has always a very short 'lifecycle' and needs your instant action.

Some of the Questions

  • Motor or Sailing yacht ?
  • Hull material. Steel, GRP, Wood ?
  • Type of engines. Twin or single ?
  • High speed performance, Semi-planing hull shape or normal full-displacement?
  • Size restrictions: Will you need access to a location with draft, beam, length or height restrictions ? Does your selected marina have enough meter available water or a fixed bridge limiting access to yacht with a certain airdraft ?
  • How many sleepingplaces for crew and guests ?
  • Is maintenance easy in sailing area ?  Mechanics, parts, dock, crane, shipyard, etc.
  • How many crew you need to handle the ship ? Safe manning.
  • Navigational range of yacht. Seagoing, oceangoing ? Fuel and sweetwater capacity ?
  • Class requirements, certification ?