Purchase procedure from negotiation upto agreement

At starting negotiations, it's indisputable that the purchaser should have the necessary financial resources to be able to purchase. These financial resources should be instantly available as from the start of the first offer at starting negotiations.

The first offer, guided by us, should be a fixed sum in mutually agreed currency with a couple of restrictions. This will also be mentioned in the final Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA). Survey, seatrial, tax paid, inalienable bare ownership, registration, flag, etc.

Within negotiation all offers will have a restricted timeframe to be valid. 

Since every negotiation/ purchase procedure differs per country we will guide the purchaser in this.

Once accepted in terms of price we will make a Letter Of Intent (LOI) in which Esplus will have power of attorney (POA) to act on behalf of purchaser. A deposit of 10% of purchase price should be put into the escrow account of official notary of the country in which the transaction documentwise will take place.

Esplus will take care of investigation related to all valid documents. Financial, legal and technical. Once approved the original MOA will be produced to be signed by both parties.

The signed MOA will be handled and approved by notary.


Example on how to approach renew Lloyds Class 100 A1